Pradeo Security, 360° solution for Secured Enterprise Mobility

PRADEO SECURITY solution delivers a complete, automatic and seamless protection securing Apps, Network and Device layers.

From the testing of your Apps to the protection of your mobile devices, PRADEO SECURITY automatically detects and prevents threats and vulnerabilities providing an incomparable protection to master your mobile security.


  • Mobile Threat Protection - 360° solution (Apps, communications, OS) available as stand-alone or as one-click integration from your MDM/EMM interface
  • Mobile Security Diagnosis - Shed lights on threats your company is exposed to


  • App Security Testing - Ready to use web platform to test in one click any App from its binary code

In-App protection - Empower your App with our 360° self-protection SDK and manage threats on the user’s device


Mobile Threat Protection: Ensure Secured Enterprise Mobility

Mobile Security Diagnosis: Get an overview of your vulnerabilities

Mobile App Security Testing: Reveal your Apps’ DNA

In-App Protection: Master threats from the source

Mobil Security Report 

White Paper: Mobile Data Privacy

White Paper: Mobile Banking: Regulations, Threats & Fraud Prevention

Die DieDefa vertritt den Hersteller der Sicherheitslösungen im deutschsprachigen Markt (DACH) als Preferred Partner.